Calling All Creators: Show Us What You Got (for v1!)


Help us celebrate our v1 release by participating in a coding challenge from our very own @keith.t.elliott.
You can find the original message on discord.

Hi everyone! Ready for a fun coding challenge? As we continue driving toward our 1.0 Release, one thing is clear: We need example apps from you, our fine Redwood community.

So, let’s kick-off a push to crank out cool examples that display Redwood in action.

Here’s the scoop:

What? Create a simple open-source Redwood app

When? Start now. You’ve got a month. We’ll share our finished apps in the Maker Hour on March 16.

Who’s the Audience? Folks new to Redwood will use your example apps to see the framework in action. Your app and code will be on display (for example, in a list of example apps on

Who are the Devs? You/us. Work together or work solo. Whatever works.

App Guidance:

Your app should…

  • be a RedwoodJS app, using the latest version
  • be open source
  • be small, focused and easily deployable
  • follow patterns showcased in the Tutorial (use generators, GraphQL, data fetching with cells, form helpers, tests, storybook, etc)
  • look snazzy - style with either Tailwind, Chakra or your CSS library/tool of choice
  • satisfy your soul as you develop it :slightly_smiling_face:

I dig it. I must say, this sounds super fun!

Keep the chatter going as we progress. I encourage you to build in public - share your plans, recruit help if stuck, showcase groovy features…

Let’s build! :rocket:


I’m in.


Hi! I’ve been working on a bigger Redwood app for a while. While it doesn’t meet some of the criteria you’re looking for here with this post, I think it could help in showing off an example usage of Redwood. Let me know if you’d like to hear more :slight_smile:


If not for this, can I invite you to post about your app on the forum’s “Show and Tell”? :slight_smile:

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Sure. I hadn’t seen that post.

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