But why Redwood rather than some other framework (Remix, Blitz, Vue, NextJS, Gatsby, SvelteKit, 11ty, NuxtJS)?

Those are all great frameworks – and you should definitely check them out.

We believe that you should use the tools and frameworks that fit your need – be it NextJS or 11ty or RedwoodJS. And – we play nice with others, too!

In fact, several of the current RedwoodJS startups use NextJS in conjunction with RedwoodJS.

They use the parts of NextJS that provide an excellent front-end experience, and then use RedwoodJS web side as an admin interface and the api side for its flexible, powerful GraphQL API because that gives them the option to power a native app … or a cli … or even an Alexa app as their feature needs grow.

Also - did you know that RedwoodJS supports deploying to Flightcontrol? It’s brought to you from some of the same people that brought you Blitz.js. We all get along!

We hope that you consider RedwoodJS as part of the tools you use to build your app, your side project, or your startup idea.

@mojombo added some reasons why you may want to use RedwoodJS in a HackerNews post:

  1. Redwood tightly integrates more of what you’ll need as your app evolves: Storybook, Jest, Auth, Deploy, Logging, and a lot more.

  2. A first class GraphQL experience so you can start from day one with the idea that you’ll have multiple frontend clients (web, mobile, desktop, CLI, etc) so you only build your backend once.

  3. Declarative data fetching with “cells” that make using that GraphQL backend super simple.

  4. A community of builders and startup founders intent on helping each other succeed.

  5. An amazing tutorial and set of documentation.

But, if you find a different one is a better, that’s ok – and thanks for thinking of us.

Also from Tom:

The truth is, we can both succeed at the same time, there are so many great app ideas waiting to be explored, and different tools will work better for different situations!

And from Ryan:

Redwood has been a game changer for me. I’m building CourseLift, a course hosting platform that helps with marketing and sales, and I was initially going to use Next.js. However, I decided to give Redwood a shot as I was starting out and I’m so glad I did. The framework has saved me what I’m sure now amounts to countless hours of manual file creation, boilerplate, and organization.

Redwood’s conventions and strong opinions mean I don’t need to worry about silly stuff like where a file should go or how it should be named. Since Redwood coordinates every piece of the stack, I can start with a data model in Prisma and with a few commands I can have end-to-end CRUD operations in seconds. I really can’t overstate how awesome this is for productivity.

I also run a small agency, Elevate Digital, and we have standardized on Redwood for new projects. My developers now get upset if they need to work on older, non-Redwood projects.

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