Building a Meme Generator with RedwoodJS

This is too funny. Michael Bogan runs a technical content agency called Dev Spotlight and I’ve been writing some articles for him over the last month.

Today he just published an article on the Heroku account called Building a Meme Generator with RedwoodJS (the JavaScript Answer to Rails). When he first interviewed me I told him my whole story with RedwoodJS.

When I first heard about RedwoodJS, I thought it was just another front-end JavaScript framework. I wondered whether it would it be like React or more like Angular. As it turned out, I didn’t have a clue what RedwoodJS was, but now I can’t wait to build more projects using it.

Sounds like he didn’t think much of the framework at first. I don’t know whether I had anything to do with changing his mind or not, but it certainly is changed.

Before RedwoodJS, I would have had to code a front-end project, code a back-end project, and deploy each separately. But with this, the only code I wrote myself was for the specific things I was trying to do.

I didn’t have to hand-code any boilerplate. I only ran into issues when I skipped a step in the docs, specifically with the Netlify deployment process. Simply put, I can’t wait to try it again when it is ready for production applications.