Best way to add photos to the RedwoodJS Blog?

I’m going through the second part of the RedwoodJS tutorial, but it dawned on me that a blog normally has photos. What’s the best way to add photos to the blog?

I would like to be able to edit the page, add certain photos to it, or delete at will. To me, you probably wouldn’t store the photos themselves in the database like the rest of the Comments, or Posts objects, maybe you would store a link to it?

I’m new to the Javascript APIs Markdown Stack (JAMStack), so any info on this is appreciated! It makes sense to have photos on many different types of websites (probably any site needs photos) from e-commerce to social media to tutorials like RedwoodJS’s, so this could be a ripe place to expand the main tutorial.

I’d use an image host like ImageKit, and then, as you say, store the url in the database

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@lancelot you just hit my “sweet spot” as adding photos to a blog was the reason I discovered RWJS. My long-time dream is to create a very sophisticated application of the type “family genealogical tree” mixed with blog-like content. I plan to use a self-hosted ghost blog and discourse forum, integrated via the RWJS based application. The question of where to maintain images was on my mind for a long time until I discovered cloudinary - see Build a Gatsby Photo Gallery with Strapi and Cloudinary for some ideas how can do that. Note that my plans ar more ambitious as my ancestors can be traced back to the late 15-th century :grinning:.

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P.S. Upon a closer examination of, I am not so sure that I will not change my current plan (thanks @Tobbe)

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We have the blog as more complete sample repo and it includes image uploading. We used Filestack: GitHub - redwoodjs/example-blog: Example Blog app written with Redwood

It’s probably a couple of versions behind and could use an update!

We’ve also got a cookbook recipe just for file uploads: Cookbook - File Uploads : RedwoodJS Docs

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Hey @adriatic that sounds like a great application of Redwood. I can’t imagine having documented a genealogy that goes back to the 15th century; incredible. Would love to see this once you get it built :slight_smile:

Thanks for those links too. Cloudinary’s API seems interesting, and I started reading the Build a Gatsby Photo Gallery post… but am trying to avoid adding another framework into the mix. Still, it’s tempting Strapi’s interface seemed great with only a few clicks.

Thanks for the response!

Hi @rob thanks for those links! I didn’t know about that example blog, but it seems it will answer many of the questions I had. As soon as I complete the Revenge of Redwood tutorial, I’m going to dive further into this repo to re-engineer how you all did this.

It’s true; it’s two versions behind (v0.24.0), but still looks good!

I’m loving that Cookbook on file uploads as well. It answered just this very thing: “where do files go when you upload them”

Thanks for this quick and thorough reply!

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Oh cool, thanks for this @Tobbe!

I had seen ImageKit, and thought about using it, but didn’t know how to integrate it with Redwood. Also, thought about simply using something like Netlify to serve all the content. Still, ImageKit seemed to have one of the best storage/ bandwidth policies. Most CDNs charge you for the bandwidth, while ImageKit, just charges you for the total storage with a generous 40 GB free!

Thanks for this response, and more validation on a way to get a working setup!

@lancelot I mentioned a few articles on building a blog, just to give you some ideas about such an app - not as a recommendation to use the tools presented in these articles. I doubt that you would find anything better than RWJS (I tried just about everything there is today :smile_cat: )

In the Recipes section there is a section called File Upload. I’m currently using that for my app, though I substituted Firebase for uploading.