and deployment target

I’m working on deployment to and Architect ( For anyone not familiar with it Architect is an infrastructure as code framework that compiles down to Cloudformation to deploy directly to AWS. Architect has a very terse and easy to use syntax that makes working with AWS very easy. Begin uses Architect under the hood so when I get it working for one it should work for both.

I have an initial (hacked together) version of this partially working. I will post more soon about how I am doing it and what hurdles are left. But @thedavid suggested I start a post just to let people know I am working on it and see if anyone else is doing the same.


Hey @ryan! Thanks for kicking off the discussion, I’ve been interested in getting Begin support for Redwood since at least September, and coincidentally enough there’s been a lot of movement just within the last week on this front.

In my opinion I think that figuring out the Infra-as-Code layer with Architect first makes a lot of sense, but the team at Begin may have their own ideas here, I’m not super well versed in how coupled/decoupled Architect is to Begin and vice versa.

Something else to keep in mind, there’s a lot of activity right now around creating new CLI commands to simplify different combinations of serving the web and api side. It’s my understanding that none of these are adding new functionality but taking away the burden of rewiring your project.

With that said, I’d love to see what you’ve been hacking on and I’m sure it can help inform the discussion.

Hey @ajcwebdev, Thanks for the info. I was talking to Paul at Begin yesterday about his progress and a few blockers that he was having. I have also talked to Brian about it a couple times also. As far as Architect and Begin, they are fully coupled. The guys at Begin first wrote Architect and then open sourced it. Begin is fully built on top of it, so if it is solved for Architect it will work with Begin. With the exception of some limits Begin has on free tier accounts that may be an issue. That is what I was discussing with Brian. My hope would be for it to be easy to deploy Redwood on the Begin free tier for most things.

Right, I think the end goal is one click deploy on Begin. Having worked with a lot of these providers though I try to always make the boundaries very clear, so I’m just wondering if getting to one click deploy would be simpler if we scoped it to just the Architect manifest file at the start and then figure out how to deploy that manifest.

To borrow a term from Brian, that would be deterministic, so for myself it would be nice to have a clear idea of where Arc ends and Begin begins, especially since there’s going to be many different ways to write infra-as-code deploys for Redwood so having an Arc reference would be nice.

That’s how I would approach it at least, but with the team helping out I’m sure it doesn’t really matter one way or the other.

I give this post a definitive


Keep me posted. Two places I can help:

  • reference/example of existing Redwood deploy case (specifically AWS Lambdas using Serverless)
  • Once there’s a POC, what’s the overall desired DX Vision and roadmap to get there

Also, :rocket: