Authentication trouble in tutorial

I followed along with the tutorial but have had two main issues:

  1. The routes wrapped in the render a blank page
  2. Even after signing in reqAuth doesn’t have access to the current user and I’m unable to create new posts as long as reqAuth is used

Looks like it may be the same issue here .Upgrading redwood solved both issues Should I update the tutorial with instructions to avoid this? @dthyresson

Hello! It looks like you’re also running on an older version of RW. It might help to upgrade following the release notes from your version on. I’m not sure if this is the issue but it could help!

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Thanks @morganmspencer that was the fix! I must have missed the yarn redwood upgrade step


Sometimes it’s the easy things we overlook, happens to me all the time!

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Since I had v0.28 installed and the instructions mention You will need to be on v0.25 or greater of Redwood to complete the tutorial. is this worth submitting a pull request to update?

@rob Did someone already suggest having a “tutorial needs vX of RedwoodJS”. or “Upgrade to latest before starting…” intro to the tutorial?

If not, @Ark20 can contribute that message to /