Auth takes a minute to realize a user is logged in

Hi! I’ve noticed for a while now that if the user is logged in, when they come back to the site, it assumes they’re not logged in for a bit, which creates a very subpar and confusing experience.

What’s happening here? I was hoping 4.0.0 would fix this.


What auth provider are you using?

Different providers have different mechanisms to refresh and gain new access tokens.

For example, Supabase refreshes periodically to ensure a valid token.

Ha sorry I totally forgot to include that - I’m using dbAuth.

Is this when we would use this? rendering skeletons while auth is loading

Does whileLoadingAuth only do something on private sets? @dthyresson

I would like it to work on non-private sets as well.

I guess another option is to use useAuth’s loading, but it would be nice to be able to just do it on a high level from the router