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It seems that I was living under the rock for last few years regarding cloud providers, IAAS offers and serverless architecture :slight_smile:
Redwood finally pulled me out with idea to deploy redwood playground project to AWS and, by checking Redwood documentation, I found information that AWS deploy is done wia ‘serverless’ (as a product, linking to site) and I’m a bit confused regarding it. Since I never used it before (not even hear about it, to be honest) I found information that under that name we can find open-source framework for cloud deployments as well as commercial service that should do deployment for me by using their proprietary system (lock-in).

I found some informations on this link and compared it with .toml file generated with ‘yarn rw setup deploy aws-serverless’ and, it seems to me that toml file uses open-source framework but, I would like to double-check with you to confirm it (to confirm that using aws-serverless does not require any other service account, costs or lock-ins).

Also, I’m wondering is there any detailed tutorial (like the Netlify one) that explains AWS deployment in detail.


We’ve actually got a suite of issues for bringing the Serverless deployment up to par with our other ones:

Serverless was one of our first deploy targets but it only worked for the API side. These updates should get the web side working as well, and bring it to parity with Netlify, Vercel and Render. does have a free plan, so having them orchestrate your cloud services has no costs or lock-in! You’ve gotta pay for the services running in your cloud provider, of course. And it’s a bit of a misnomer now, we call it aws-serverless but it should really just be serverless, as you can have something like a dozen different providers behind the scenes.

We don’t have a tutorial yet, but once we get this all working I plan on writing one as I think it’ll become my preferred deployment setup, and I want to make sure everyone else gets to experience the power! :slight_smile:

Thx for the update Rob.

So, just to confirm: using aws-serverless deploy means deploy over (as some kind of agent) not to aws directly?

I’m aware that aws approach is not yet polished as e.g. Netlify one but, from other forum posta it does not look impossible (as you can read between the lines, aws is a requirement that I mist mach :wink:).


using aws-serverless deploy means deploy over (as some kind of agent) not to aws directly

Correct, I wish they had a better name! It used to be “Serverless Framework” which sounds like software you use to build serverless applications, but no, that’s what they apparently call their deployment system.

It’s a CLI tool that you use to deploy your app, which reads through the serverless.yml file and then starts up and configures all of the cloud services that are defined in there. They may have started with just AWS but they support almost a dozen now: Serverless - Infrastructure & Compute Providers I’m not sure if they all have parity as far as the services they offer, but I’m an AWS guy so that’s where all my stuff is going anyway.

Serverless also has a Dashboard (completely optional) that you can use to monitor your app once it’s up and running, which is nice. You can invoke your functions and see their output, that kinda stuff.

They also have CI/CD. So by default, if you just use the serverless CLI tool, you have to manually deploy from your dev machine any time you need changes to show up. But with their CI/CD thing, you can point it to your repo and then any push to the repo will trigger a deploy from one of their servers instead.

So to sum up, you can use just the serverless CLI tool and deploy your app to AWS, and everything is running there, and you’re just paying for AWS. I believe it stays totally self contained to your machine, so technically you’re deploying straight to AWS, it’s just that serverless is doing all the configuration of the various services for you. Optionally, you can use the dashboard on to monitor your stuff, or turn on CI/CD and have deploys happen automatically for you. You only have to pay if you need more than 1 concurrent build in CI/CD, or for high volume reporting on the dashboard: Serverless Pricing: Simple Pricing For Dev & Monitoring

Hi Rob,

Thank you for a conprehensive answer!
I will try to play a bit with aws-serverless to check where it will bring me.


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