Are the Auth0 logs incomplete or am I missing something?

Link To Docs

There are no instructions here on how to handle the auth0 callback. This is all the text I could fine about the callback

With Auth0, when you log in or sign up, it'll redirect you to Auth0's hosted log-in or sign-up page, then back to your Redwood app. But where in your Redwood app exactly? Auth0 needs to know, and this setting tells it.

We'll keep things simple for now and make it "http://localhost:8910", but feel free to configure it as you wish.

Is there another doc I should have read? I’m confused.

I had to reread the docs several times, and what was really missing to me was the fact it had to be a SPA-based App. I am not sure why this is the case yet, but I am still digging into Redwoodjs and all of the nuances. The callback is just to the root of our site i.e. http://localhost:8910 for local dev.