API integration

Hey guys,

tutorial is clear on how to integrate w/ a sql database,
how would we go about integrating w/ an api?

I guess you’d have to replace the usage of Prisma within your services, and call your API instead.

If you look at the code generated for a model scaffold, you get something like this in the api/src directory:


In posts.js are the actual handlers for your different model accessors. For example:

export const post = ({ id }) => {
  return db.post.findOne({
    where: { id },

As far as I can tell, that’s where the transition from the backend to the DB lies.
If you replace db.post.findOne with whatever you need to call your API, that should work :slight_smile:
Note that it’s OK to return a Promise (that’s what this code does)!

For Redwood to find your services functions, you’ll have to declare a GraphQL schema manually in an SDL file, such as the api/src/graphql/posts.sdl.js one generated by the scaffold generator (if I’m not mistaken).
You could of course create your own. Its content gives information about your model and how to manipulate it:

export const schema = gql`
  type Post {
    id: Int!
    title: String!
    body: String!
    createdAt: DateTime!

  type Query {
    posts: [Post]
    post(id: Int!): Post

  input PostInput {
    title: String
    body: String

  type Mutation {
    createPost(input: PostInput!): Post
    updatePost(id: Int!, input: PostInput!): Post
    deletePost(id: Int!): Post

I guess the findMany and findOne services functions found in api/services/posts/posts.js are inferred from the type Query entry in this SDL file.

Hopefully, if I’m missing something, Rob or David will come to the rescue :sweat_smile:


@arjunv27 so actually, @thedavid talked about that approach in another post so I guess that’s indeed the way to go!


Thanks for pointing me in that direction @olance