Announcing the Redwood IDE (VSCode Extension)

Hello Everyone,

Redwood has a VSCode extension! :cowboy_hat_face:


  • Option 1: Install from the Visual Studio Marketplace
  • Option 2: Search for “Redwood IDE” in the extensions panel within VSCode
  • Option 3: Run this command locally: code --install-extension decoupled.redwoodjs-ide

WARNING: We’re sharing this early, so expect issues :). We appreciate your help with QA so we can get it in good shape for the Jamstack conference next week.
If you have a minute, please install it and try to use it against any recent (>0.17) Redwood project.
Report any issues on the redwoodjs/redwood repo. (please include Redwood version, Extension version, VSCode version and OS)


  • Redwood Project Outline
  • Rich Diagnostics (errors, warnings, quick-fixes)
  • Interactive Generator (with prompts and selection menus) and CLI

You can find more details and screenshots in the extension’s page in the Visual Studio Marketplace



Super excited about this. Great work @aldonline! (And so. much. work. indeed.)

For anyone who has the time to test this extension, it would be incredibly helpful to Aldo to have feedback over the weekend. He’s attempting to identify any bugs needed to fix before making a bigger marketing push at the Jamstack Conf next Tuesday.


Looks exciting, I left a review

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