Adding VS Code settings to address the jshint issues

I run into a few issues while examining the RW app’s file structure:

  • examining the schema-prisma file prompted VS Code to ask me to run npm install -g jshint
    while I am hesitant to use machine global settings, this choice seemed safer than “mucking” VS Code per-user / per project settings. WS Code was happy with this global installation of jshint,
  • Opening the file seeds,js results with the 'async functions' is only available in ES8 error
    I would presume that rw is likely to make the setting use 'esversion: 8' for all projects.

If I am right so far, it might make a lot of sense the create a document defining all VS Code settings - the section Installation & Starting Development would be a good place for that information.

Note: despite the title of this issue, this proposal has a wider implication than just jshint

After posting jshint issue I run into a situation where it seems better to use eshint instead:

Viewing the file Routes.js from the first tutorial:

StackOverflow advises:

If you are using jshint plugin, remove it and install the ESLint plugin.

It is a good replacement for jshint in reactJS work.

This issue should be merged into jshint issue.

PR’s are welcome!

Creating GitHub issues and PR for code enhancements or feature suggestions is better than including here in Discourse as it’s more likely to get triaged and commented on.

I understand and agree - GitHub it is.

Note: I am not PR averse at all, and will soon graduate myself to that approach. Being a total Redwood novice, I took the discourse approach as a safer means to get how people respond. Also, I need to learn a lot more before being able to make some more than trivial contributions.

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Thanks Nikolaj, we really appreciate your enthusiasm about the framework and we look forward to helping you contribute in any way!

@ajcwebdev despite my acceptance of @dthyresson’s suggestion above

I would not feel comfortable to simply dive in without (by my definition) proper understanding of the Redwood landscape. The issue I brought up (Adding VS Code settings to address the jshint issues) seem localized enough to create the document that describing the issue - but then I run into Let’s Learn RedwoodJS! (with Anthony Campolo) and realized that I ought to go through A First Look at RedwoodJS - Complete Series before “doing” anything.

Remaining very excited - with a special interest in Redwood IDE

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