Adding a mobile Expo workspace to Redwood project

Hi all, big fan of Redwood. I want to create an Expo project inside of the same repo so that I can share code like types. How could I add this Expo app while maintaining support for yarn workspaces? Should be the same process for if someone wanted to add another web client, like one for docs.


Most of the threads here are focused on a Redwood integration. Like being able to write yarn rw g screen. I don’t need that. Just want compatibility with yarn workspaces. Is that possible? Thanks.


Welcome @nioannou !

I’m not versed into the topic but an esteemed member of our community has worked into it, here’s their work: GitHub - orta/redwood-expo-side.

Also we are looking for people willing to work on a mobile side working group, if you’d be interested in joining the effort please let members of the core team know! I think @Tobbe would like to hear about it.

Thanks for the response! Will check out redwood-expo-side, looks promising. In general, have you seen others spin up sides that are compatible with yarn workspaces? How would I go about doing that? I.e. adding “mobile” to the workspaces list in package.json. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a mobile app.

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Hi @noire.munich just bumping this. Specifically how could we make the linter work for this new side? Thanks!

Hi @nioannou
As stated, I haven’t explored much this aspect, but there’s definitely core team & community interest.

Have you looked into @orta 's repository?
Is there anywhere we could see your work related to this and jump in?