Add Scope To Redwood Repo

Hi everyone!

I was wondering if maintainers would be interested in adding Scope to the repository. Scope helps debugging failures, identifying flakiness and reduces time spent testing. The product is free for open source projects. We’d be happy to help RedwoodJS from the early stages.

Bias alert: I work at the company that builds the product but I think it is neat:
Test report of a single test with per test code coverage:

The urls are open for everyone so if you are interested you can check it out:

The configuration is simple as can be seen in this github compare:

It works by using a custom test runner in jest.

We’d be happy to give a quick demo of the product to any maintainer :-).


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Hi there and thanks for reaching out about this. I’d like to take you up on a demo (would need to be next week). Following up by DM now.

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