Add roles to production

Hi, Sorry if this is an no brainer question or if it’s been asked before and i just cant find it, but how would you recommend you add admin type roles in production?
in the tutorial it says to use the redwood console, but I’m not sure how one would go about doing that in production… i could write a data migration but then i’d have either the user’s email or id stored in github which seems not ideal…
I followed the deployment tutorial for netlify and railway I’m just not sure where/how i access that redwood console for prod.

Hi @nisse038 . I see your point about the data migration — but to me data migration scripts are useful to update data based on a new schema change. For example you added a new required field and you need to set some new values.

Or if you use a migration you could set the values based on some other value. For example if their email domain is some value then they get admin but in all other cases they get member.

For your case you could write a script — but most likely have to update your data manually.

I’d suggest backing up your database. Restoring it locally to test a data update script. Then run that data script in production.

Alternatively you could update the info when they log in if you have some rules that could check if they should receive the role and update then.