About the Experimental Features category

This category contains documentation and discussion about Experimental Features you can try with your project.

Experimentation is the life blood of Redwood’s roadmap and velocity. These are most often created by Core Team members and published so the entire community can participate:

  • is it something people are excited to try and use?
  • how can it be better and more useful?
  • what’s broken, missing, confusing?
  • general feedback

And, most importantly, it’s a way to collaborate on initiatives that will determine the project roadmap.

:warning: Some things to keep in mind about experimental features:

  • they do NOT follow semver; there may be breaking changes within any release (in which case it > will be noted in the Release Notes)
  • they may be deprecated or abandoned at any time

How this category works:

Core Team members can create posts for individual Experiments.

Anyone can reply to a post.

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