About Auth: Checkout next-auth

I have seen some threads about adding auth support to Redwood. It seems like currently, it’s based on third party services.
Although Auth0 is great, we will use a DB with Redwood most of the time.
So, it’s ideal to add social auth support to the framework.

In Next.js we have next-auth. Which is dead simple to add auth support to any Next.js app. It supports virtually any sort of login system you are thinking of.

Next.js is an unopinionated framework. So, there’s still things you have to do. Like adding UI, API routes etc.

But I think with Redwood, we could make auth simple by add a few deps.

I think it’s totally possible to integrate next-auth with RedwoodJS by without anything in the core of both Redwood & next-auth itself.


I read about Next Auth for this first time this morning via Twitter and put it on my list to look into – but I had similar thoughta 1) add it as an auth provider 2) add support for OAuth 3) add providers for these popular ones next-aiuth supports like Apple, Amazon Cognito, Twitter, etc.

But I’m not so sure 1 “add it as an auth provider” is so straightforward because since encourages passwordless auth (yay! I do not want to be responsible for storing passwords nowadays) it’s a service that also sends emails. So, not sure how it would plug into Redwood without being a set of services – or run as an external auth service itself.

That said, I only had a few mins to scan through the examples and code, and definitely want to give it a more in depth look.

I support integration / support of next-auth