A11y Demo at the next RedwoodJS Meetup: April 22nd

Join us Thursday, April 22nd, from 17:30-19:45 UTC (10:30-11:45 am Pacific)! Anyone and everyone are welcome:

Presentation and Demo

Redwood Accessibility (a11y) by @dom

Redwood v0.28 introduced some great new Accessibility features. @dom is going to walk through the work that’s been done, how to use a11y features in Redwood, and preview what’s to come.

Building Fullstack E-commerce Applications with RedwoodJS, Shopify, and StepZen by @ajcwebdev

Anthony Campolo will demonstrate how to deploy an auto-configured GraphQL API for a Shopify backend connected to a RedwoodJS project deployed on a static hosting provider.


You’ll be able to view the live stream, participate by chat, or join the stage discussion by Audio and Video (video not required).

Can’t make it? Meetups are recorded and posted on the Redwood YouTube channel.

Meetup Registration and Details

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Meetup Details

  • Thursday, April 22nd from 17:30-19:45 UTC
  • Your local time: 2021-04-22T17:30:00Z2021-04-22T18:45:00Z

Day-of: How to access the Meetup

On the day of the Meetup, you’ll access the RedwoodJS Meetup Session from the registration page: