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There’s a lot of information on Redwood spread across the official docs, the forum, and ephemeral q/a and discussions on Discord. I was looking into the build tooling project release-it today and noticed this in their project README:

You might want to ask your questions in the Release It! knowledge base (powered by OpenAI and 7-docs). This is an experimental knowledge base, answers may be incorrect.

7-docs has a tool to ingest content, and a Lambda for querying (chat completions).

Just thought it was interesting. It’s not so useful with release-it because they just don’t have that much content feeding into it.

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we could create RedwoodGPT! feeding it the docs would be trivial, im wondering if there’s a good way to also feed it the discord and this forum

And StackOverflow - there’s not a lot of questions about RedwoodJS there (~60), but there’s some.

Discord has a developer API and there’s a Javascript SDK available. This forum uses Discord and has an RSS feed that can be polled.

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Opinion Follows:

Having used ChatGPT quite a bit for coding I can say it sucks. It’s wrong more often than it’s right. Especially when not a lot of answers exist for what you are trying to do. YMMV.

Github co-pilot doesn’t use Generative LLMs for the same reason. They use smaller models that use less energy and are more accurate. ref: Supper Club × Matt Rothenberg and Idan Gazit on Github Next — Syntax Podcast 622

Algolia talks about Vector Search here: What is vector search? - Algolia Blog | Algolia

A comparison of Vector Search engines is here: Not All Vector Databases Are Made Equal | by Dmitry Kan | Towards Data Science

My 2 cents

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Ping @PantheRedEye This sounds like a topic right up your alley :slightly_smiling_face: