3rd party Plugins

Another long-term question here. What are your thoughts on plugins (think Devise / Rails admin / Django apps)? I’m sorry if imagining that it might be possible to publish plugins on npm that contain sdls and components and other things.

Have y’all been thinking about that as well?


Hi @rockymeza definitely a great question. There’s been scattered conversation about this, which resulted in creating an Awesome Redwood Repo – this is intended to be a collection of all kinds of contributions, be it packages, config, or otherwise.

Regarding proper support for true plugins, it’s just too early and the Framework is changing much too quickly. Conceptually we want it to happen in the future, though.

Make sense? Any other ideas or specific example(s) of something you’d like to see or do?

Makes total sense to me. I understand that it’s early days and that there will probably be a good amount of churn before it makes sense to start adding ways for plugins to hook into the framework. I also figure that Redwood is aiming for a pretty zero-config setup so having too many plugins might get in the way of that goal.

I looked at the nprogress plugin and I think that’s super cool. It’s so unobtrusive, I love it!

Other plugins that could be made:

  • sentry plugin
  • other auth implementations
  • potentially something like a Pusher integration
  • I’d like to see something like stitching together SDLs for 3rd party APIs (geocoding, Stripe, sort of like that)


And, to be clear, creating packages is the way to go and possible right now. There’s no standard naming in place, but something like redwoodjs-<mypackage> would make it findable. And then adding to the Awesome Redwood repo as well as here in the Forum will help spread the word.