$1M RedwoodJS Funding!

Today I’m announcing that I will be providing RedwoodJS with $1M in funding over the next year to further accelerate development of the framework. I’m so proud of what we’ve built together and want to see us go even faster!

Read more on my blog here: Announcing RedwoodJS 1.0 and $1M Funding

Happy to answer any questions you may have!


Thank you, Tom! Your funding and support of Redwood are very appreciated! Redwood has been and continues to be a huge boost to our startup - CENRIZE!


Super cool


From a user, thank you! It’s exciting to see where Redwood will go from here especially with the contributors, funding and vision behind it.

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Congratulations, and it’s really exciting to hear this!

What are some of the monetization models that Redwood is looking into? I love the idea behind Redwood and open source business models like the one Redis has, but how does it work for a UI framework?

I wouldn’t want to start building on top of Redwood, and have future core releases be gated for only paid licenses, for instance. I would be okay paying for support or potential non-core features.

Hi @clarle Your question here is exactly why @mojombo made this announcement. (In my words) He wanted to communicate two things:

  1. Redwood is going to be around. For a long while.
  2. Redwood is committed to Open Source

This is a key paragraph from his post:

Right now, we prefer a third choice: build a sustainable open source project that evolves and grows naturally, without artificial growth hormones. For a difficult-to-directly-monetize framework project like Redwood, it will take us time to find the right model of sustainability that aligns with the community. That’s hard to do without some money, though.

Also, if you want to make a comparison, Redwood is much more similar to Ruby on Rails in that it is a both a full-stack framework and a free-to-use open-source project.


Really appreciate all the things that you’ll have done and continue to do for the better of the community. :rocket:

Would love to see “redwood cloud” or similar that made it easy to deploy redwood as a framework that supported server side rendering, database, functions etc - all in one place.

I know that Redwood supports a lot of deployment targets but they all currently have caveats. I have spent so much time evaluating all the different platforms and it would be a no brainer to deploy straight to an environment that supported the framework entirely.

Also, shout out to Tom for sponsoring and starting this project - such a great contribution back to the community. You’re a legend mate! And a big thanks to everyone else who has contributed in making the dream a reality.

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I’d definitely pay to have a well crafted set of primitives for making dashboards/admin UIs which come from the Redwood team


That’s cooll!!!

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Really excited

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Happy to have found this framework. Excited to work with it. Shout out to JS Party (The JS Party Podcast |> Changelog) for the heads up because apparently I live under a rock.


Glad you’re here! Keep us posted as you dive in.