When will RedwoodJS v1.0 be published?

When will RedwoodJS v1.0 be published?

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Not a direct answers but the roadmap says “soon”

Further out of all of the points in the roadmap, the majority are in the “polishing” stage 9, then 4 in “Making it happen”, only 1 in “There’s a plan” and 0 in “Figuring it out” or “Didn’t start”.

Hi All!

Getting to v1.0.0-rc

“Not soon enough” is my gut reaction. Rest assured, the core team and community are pushing hard and, coincidently, pushing a lot of code. We are within a couple releases of a v1.0.0-rc, which means we will have reached a point where 1) all new, core features have been added and 2) we have completed all known breaking changes.

After publishing the first release candidate, we’ll spend several more months fixing bugs, hardening ops and publishing and ci/cd, reworking docs and the website, etc. Lots to do!

When should you begin a Redwood project? Right now!

BUT the great news is that Redwood is in a great, stable place to start using now (well, maybe wait until v0.37 due within a week). The core libraries are all at GA releases, the core features are complete, and there are growing startups and consultancies currently using Redwood. Successfully.

Follow along

The best place for visibility is the GitHub project board “Current Release Sprint”. You can see what’s current priority for the next release as well as upcoming tasks to reach the v1-rc (any items with the milestones next-release-priority and future-release). As you can see, we’re in a really good place!


Incase anyone is nervous about starting a project before the 1.0 release. My experience working on a project from 0.21.0 is that the upgrades have all been very smooth, breaking changes have only ever needed small modifications, and the upgrade guides between each version are always excellent.

Have a look at some of the prior release guides in announcements to see for yourself.