Updated tutorial for RW1.0

@rob I heard you’re working on updating the tutorial for RW1.0, so I wanted to bring up a couple of points.

  1. For https://redwoodjs.com/tutorial/getting-dynamic, wouldn’t it be nicer to use the “namespace” feature of the scaffold generator and put all of that in an admin sub-folder? Like yarn rw g scaffold admin/post. If the tutorial just used admin/post from the start, we could scrap the entire “Admin” section, which I think would be good because the tutorial is already plenty long as it is :slight_smile:

  2. i’m obviously biased here :wink: but for https://redwoodjs.com/tutorial/routing-params if we changed the very first command to be yarn rw g page BlogPost {id:Int} that page could be trimmed down a lot! Not to mention if we had --page --withLayout BlogLayout flags for the cell generator :smiley:

Also, as soon as you have a draft version of the new tutorial, please let me know so I can make sure the Pagination cookbook recipe is up-to-date as well


A bunch of these features weren’t available when I first wrote the tutorial but they could definitely be incorporated now, thanks for the reminder!

Although some things, like the route params, I kind of want to teach the simple command to start with and then show how you modify it to get it to work the way you want, rather than just another rote command to memorize. It’s kind of like the “give a man a fish/teach a man to fish” thing!


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@rob, speaking of tutorial 2.0, what about translations?
I can help with in French, and probably with Italian as well.

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Claire Froelich and I are just beginning to do some research into getting translations for docs and other material going, and we’d love to get as many languages as possible.

We’ll probably want to wait until the Twotorial is done before getting into translations but if you were looking for somewhere to start now you could translate the main doc page into French and then Italian.

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Also speaking of Twotorial - will it also be largely video-based, or just docs? @rob :slight_smile:

I’ll probably do the same thing as part 1: put the text version live and then when I get some time do a video version. It may be weeks or months later though!

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