Tutorial: uh, where is the api running?

So I built the tutorial, have my blog of frist psot served out of Netlify, database at Heroku, but, where’s my api running?

I gather it doesn’t run in the web browser,

So it seems clear that it’s running at Netlify, but when I look at Netlify’s pricing models there is nothing in there I recognize about CPU speed or performance or time limits, so, … where’s that api running?

Then again, the tutorial mentions that api things are running in a serverless AWS lambda.

I’m looking at Side Quest: How Redwood Works with Data | Learn RedwoodJS now

So is api even for the tutorial running on AWS lambda? Do I, the site author, have any visibility into that? Or have to worry about paying for that? Or securing that?


Hey @jerryasher, I really really love this question because it shows that we’re abstracting the complexity away.

Your Functions are running via Netlify on AWS Lambda, they have a free tier of 125,000 requests and 100 hours. You’ll be able to deploy to a number of Serverless Function providers in the future, or self-host them.

Here’s a screenshot of our Function usage in Netlify’s Dashboard:


Aha! Thank you, found it then.

So I guess in addition to the redwoodjs docs, I need to go through netlify administration docs.

Very cool, thanks

If you want to see your API running, you can go to your functions on Netlify

And then click on it in the list of functions

On the next page you’ll see the URL to your function, or API, if you will

Click on it and you’ll see something like this

Here’s one I found by just making an educated guess at a URL :wink: https://redwood.netlify.app/.netlify/functions/graphql


Ah, got it, thank you!

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