Tutorial random questions, source maps, debugger etc

I am doing this Tutorial https://redwoodjs.com/tutorial/routing-params

My repo is here

I am new to React world so my questions are kinda basic
I see this error in storybook

I see this error
I would like to be able to see what was sent and received, can’t see the query and response, meaning I am not sure where to look, either via a debugger or console?

I see a SourceMap error as well, not sure how to resolve that

I am not sure, but there may be a typo - perhaps there should be an ‘s’ in BlogPostsCells ?
import BlogPostCell from ‘src/components/BlogPostCell’ //Error BlogPostsCells

If anyone has any feedback that would be great, I’ve been stuck many days in a row with these types of errors, I’ve re-done it many times and cannot get the tutorial to work - I’m new but it’s a lot of days of no progress. Not anyone’s fault but my own but thought you would understand what it is like as a newbie lol.

Hey Tom,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been stuck! I’ve gone through the tutorial a few times, so I might be able to help.

In general, one place to look for details about queries and responses is your dev server logs in a terminal.

It looks like you generated a BlogPost Page, but not a BlogPostCell (singular). Instead, you were editing your BlogPostsCell (used to fetch posts for the Home Page), with the code for the BlogPostCell.

I forked your repo and will make a pull request that highlights the changes to bring your work back into sync with the Tutorial.

Also, there is a completed version of the Tutorial for reference on GitHub.

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Hi @coding-to-music – Have you tried using the “Network” portion of Chrome Developer Tools?

You ca see each graphql request with the payload (ie, the query or mutation with variables) and the and the Response


The “Preview” tab is nice, too.

Let me know if that helps!


Ooh I like that I’ll try that!

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Thank you for the completed version - I looked on the tutorial page but did not think to look on GitHub

Regarding Cells
I see in the Cells section

But don’t see another area where I am asked to do that for BlogPostCell - is that what you meant?

Ooooooh - I see I missed this: yarn rw g cell BlogPost
ok will give that a try!

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