Toggle class in a form with dynamic elements fetched via Cell

I built a QuestionsCell.js where I list all questions and their answers per each row. For every question I gave a radio button in UI so the user can click on the answers and I need to evaluate the answer.
Everything ok so far. I am able to define the Radio Field and have it’s name dynamicaly generated. E.g.

                    name={'label' +}
                    className={`label ${isCorrect ? 'correct' : 'wrong'}`}
                    <br />
                      name={'radio' +}
                      onClick={(e) =>

I am able to validate for each question the correct answer vs the option chosen. I am raising an alert showing if the option chosen is correct or wrong per question. But I want also to change the color of the label of the respective RadioField to say green or red depending if the answer was correct or not.
So I tried the following:
Under Success:
const [isCorrect, setCorrect] = useState(‘false’)

if (qOptionSelected === qOptionExpected) {
      swal('Correct Answer !' + qId)
    } else {
      swal('Wrong Answer !!!', ' The correct answer is: ' + qOptionExpected)

My problems are that when I select the answer for one question (row) it aplies it on all rows. See picture bellow

Any suggestions how should I handle this in Cell ?

Thanks for your help !