The new newsletter: how was it?

We’re excited to be shipping another edition of the RedwoodJS newsletter! Many thanks to @alicelovescake who’s behind the new Heroes of Redwood section!

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The Newsletter is for You. Help us improve it

In curating content for the newsletter, our goal is to help you use Redwood better. We realize we haven’t shipped one in a while. We promise that’ll change! Right now we plan on sending one out every two weeks. But we want your feedback:

How was the length of the newsletter?
  • it was too long (you prefer ~5-7 items)
  • it was too short (you prefer 10+ items)
  • it was great (you prefer ~10 items)

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How often would you like to receive the newsletter?
  • weekly
  • every two weeks
  • monthly

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Which topics would you like to see on the newsletter?
  • forum topics
  • events
  • tweets
  • startups
  • pull requests
  • blog posts
  • podcasts
  • heroes of redwood (short write-ups about members of the community)

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I did not get any newsletter. :frowning:

We’ll be shipping it momentarily—sorry about that!

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Loved the format!
The “heroes of redwood” section is a very nice touch!


I love the new newsletter!! Great work, @dom and @alicelovescake! :clap::clap::clap:


That was one of my favorite parts! What a great addition.

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Interesting but minor tweek being addressed as “Hey Hey” is not especially welcoming. Otherwise format great, content slightly too much when there is so much in the inbox to read. Keep it coming on a regular basis and not just as a one off.

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This was Great !! I have been looking for an easy assemblage of Pro-Redwood articles to raise awareness of RW at work :smiley:

Would you consider add linkage to the Awesome Redwood, Redwood YouTube, and Made With Redwood(1) sites across the bottom?

  1. upcoming

Looks amazing, great job!