The guides are gone

The guides from the documentation are gone. For example, the link to Magic.Link auth from the 0.8.0 release notes returns 404: Docs - Authentication : RedwoodJS Docs

There’s no left nav for Guides either in the docs: Docs - Introduction : RedwoodJS Docs


Hi @marqpdx! Sorry about that and thanks for letting us know. We just reorganized the menu and consolidated some docs today. Here’s what you’re looking for:

And I’ll make sure our redirects are working :grimacing:

Let us know how it goes!

Update: this should be fixed :tada:

Apologies again for the issue.

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Mark, super important aside: I was in Portland from 2004 - 2013… did we overlap? If so, I bet we know all the same people (and perhaps even met) 'cause small tech scene :grinning:

I’m sure we did David, i worked all over. Congrats on all your new endeavors!

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