The First Redwood Newsletter: How was it?

We’re excited to be shipping the first ever Redwood Newsletter today! (Here’s a link to the web version of today’s Issue 1.) :rocket:

A huge “Thank you!” goes out to @dom who was both chief editor and instigator, Without him, there would be no newsletter.

Are you signed up? If not, the form is here at the top of our homepage:

The Newsletter is for You. Help us improve it.

Our goal for the newsletter is to help you use Redwood better. We realize things are moving fast (we had to cut a lot of content), which means new features are buried in last week’s release notes and events come and go quickly. Without adding to the deluge of information, it’s our vision that a monthly newsletter will consolidate what you need to know.

So we want your feedback:

  • Did you like the structure and the content?
  • Did you learn something new or see a feature you didn’t know about?
  • Anything you’d like to see that we missed?
  • Any examples of newsletters that you especially :heart:?

We’ll use your comments and discussion here to improve the next issue coming in July.

And, most of all, a huge thanks to you all! This community has just been a blast to be a part of. And Redwood is better every day because of it.


I love the newsletter! In particular, I’m a big fan of the format where you type up a small summary of a feature (maybe with a screenshot), and then link to a video where you dive in a bit more.

Great stuff!


:scream: Didn’t get the newsletter! I’m subscribed now though :clap:

Is it available online anywhere? Like a newsletter archive somewhere?

Here you go! And I’m adding it to the original message as well:

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Great newsletter @dom! Thanks for putting it together


I tried to reply to the email and got back this error message:

Not sure if the newsletter is supposed to be something people can reply it, but if not we should include something at the bottom saying not to reply.

Anyway, the email I tried to send was this:

Hey Dom, congrats on an amazing first issue. The newsletter space is near and dear to my heart as I spend a lot of time reading and working on newsletters since I’ve got my own over on substack.

My suggestion is extremely selfish but also something I do think people would actually enjoy and benefit from. I think it would be nice to have a section to link to community articles. Richard Haines’s Redwood ecommerce with Snipcart and Rocky Meza’s Setting up Sentry in RedwoodJS are both great and worth sharing with the community.


@ajcwebdev 100%, and for the record, I don’t find that selfish! We want to highlight the awesomeness of the community as much as possible.

Ah, huge thanks for letting us know. That’s supposed to be a working address.