Terminology for "sides"

Redwood uses the term “sides” for api and web directories, and mentions in the docs explaining that term that people might add more “sides” at some point in the future. My projects usually have a packages directory to move code into also. I end up with a structure like this (not dependent on Redwood as a framework, just generally):

├── api
├── admin
├── packages
├── web
├── .various.repo.files

I’ve taken to using the term “sides” to describe api, admin, and web with others because it’s the best term I’ve had so far. It’s also a little confusing until people get what I mean.

I’d like to suggest the term “channel” instead of “side”. It’s becoming a really common term with the rise of omnichannel CMSs and digital experience platforms (for "sides’ like kiosks, billboards, stadium signage). A channel has a broadcaster (“api”) and a receiver (“web”), so it covers both client and server.

I hope this doesn’t seem like bike-shedding or pedantic, it’s definitely not intended to be. There’s really a lack of a good standardized term to describe this particular pattern of monorepo organization when you’re trying to refer to the “sides”.