TailwindUI does not work properly when wraping layout

Hi, RedwoodJS community!

I’m a big fan :heart: of this framework and it’s helping me to learn a lot about the good practices in web development (I’m new to all this).
I’m struggling with a problem and frontend isn’t one of my strengths :sweat:
I’m using the React templates from tailwindUI to kickstart my application frontend, but when I pass my home page to the layout component, the elements of the layout stop working.
Withou passing any children component, the layout works fine.
I’d love if anyone could help me solve this issue and point me in the right direction.
Thanks in advance!

:point_up_2: Here’s the link.

Hey, everyone!
I was able to solve the problem. I was thinking it was something complex like the way how react deals with child components (or that maybe redwood was doing something behind the scenes) but, in the end, it was a silly css class. One of the elements of the child component was getting in front of the nav bar.
That said, I’m going to close this topic.
See ya!