(Solved) How can I add isRegistered to isAuthenticated?

How can I add isRegistered to isAuthenticated?

I want to show 3-4 sets of routes, each one containing 90% of the lower sets

public: welcome, whoWeAre, whyWeAre, socialLogin
  authenticated: [public] + registerAsCustomer, registerAsBusiness, !socialLogin
    registeredCustomer: [authenticated] + doCustomerThings, !registerAsCustomer, !socialLogin
    registeredBusiness: [authenticated] + doBusinessThings, !registerAsBusiness, !socialLogin

thoughts, comments, pointers to solutions? :rofl:

thanks in advance !!

I got around this by adding the registration information to the currentUser via the api/src/lib/auth.ts file

import { db } from 'src/lib/db'

import { AuthenticationError, ForbiddenError, parseJWT } from '@redwoodjs/api'

 * getCurrentUser returns the user information together with
 * an optional collection of roles used by requireAuth() to check
 * if the user is authenticated or has role-based access
 * @param decoded - The decoded access token containing user info and JWT claims like `sub`
 * @param { token, SupportedAuthTypes type } - The access token itself as well as the auth provider type
 * @param { APIGatewayEvent event, Context context } - An object which contains information from the invoker
 * such as headers and cookies, and the context information about the invocation such as IP Address
 * @see https://github.com/redwoodjs/redwood/tree/main/packages/auth for examples
export const getCurrentUser = async (decoded, { _token, _type }, { _event, _context }) => {

  let profile: any = {};
  try {
    profile = await db.profile.findUnique({
      where: { id: decoded.sub }
  } catch (err) {
    console.error(`error calling db.profile.findUnique: ${err.message}`)

  return { ...decoded, roles: parseJWT({ decoded }).roles, profile }

Then the info I needed to set the routes was available to me on the currentUser object anytime I looked for it.