(solved by switching from FB to SBB) Error: Client is offline


I’m working in a RW 0.31 project, which had Firebase installed, and was then upgraded to 0.32

I appear to be only able to read from and write to the local cache without problem, as everything persists until the backend gets restarted, but nothing gets to the Realtime database…

When I switched from .once to .get (in my FB read statement) then I get told (after the 10sec timeout) Error: Client is offline

It’s odd, because the login/logout works fine – and the users show up on my Firebase dashboard

Hi @ajoslin103 just wanted to know that I’ve seen a few of your Firebase + Redwood posts and have read them, but Firebase isn’t an area I know much about as I don’t use their auth or service.

I know you may have heard about Supabase https://supabase.io/ that is a Firebase alternative backed by Postgres. That’s a service that has pretty much the same offerings and the RW team has more familiarity with – as well as a line to their team to resolve issues.

Of course, not suggesting that you switch, but just letting your know that there’s less FB knowledge depth right now and let you know perhaps why you haven’t seen some replies.

Also, anytime you can link to a public repo with actual code, this can help the team diagnose.

Thanks @dthyresson ! I am in NO WAY tied to FB, you know me - I’ve got to get another damn demo running :slight_smile: for some new lead the sales team is tracking…

RW made the 2nd demo a fairly quick success – tying the Material-UI frontend to the AWS Lambda backend went fairly well

This demo builds upon that adding Social Logins & related storage to store GUIDs from the AWS DynamoDB

I tried Supabase first, and I don’t remember why I shied away from it – being congruent to knowledge is totally worth having another go at it

Thanks for your time and [highly] valued opinions !!

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Ok, logging in w/Google & SupaBase

Now dynamic routing !