Scaffolding with Prisma Enum?

Hey there! First off — very excited by the project. Running into a bit of an issue with my first go at the tutorial (have gone slightly off script).

My GraphQL file ends up saying something like:

type User {
    id: Int!
    role: Role!

In my schema.prisma file I have Role defined as

enum Role {

When trying to do a yarn rw dev though, I get a Error: Can't find type Role. in the console. Am I missing something?

Right now we only support the model declaration in schema.prisma. To be honest I didn’t even know that enum was a thing until you posted this!

We’d love any help that adds support for enum though <hint, hint> :smiley:

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Cheers! And noted! Will dig into it and see what that would take. :thinking:

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