Running `yarn rw test` with Prisma accelerate configuration resets non-test database

Hey folks,
I’m running Redwood 6.4.0. I’ve just setup our API to use Prisma Accelerate, with some new environment variables defined in our schema.prisma, i.e

datasource db {
  provider  = "postgresql"
  url       = env("POSTGRES_URL")
  directUrl = env("POSTGRES_URL_NON_POOLING")

I haven’t removed TEST_DATABASE_URL, but for some reason when I run yarn rw test it resets the database defined in my POSTGRES_URL environment variable, even though the logs tell me it’s performing actions against the TEST_DATABASE_URL. Wonder what I’m doing wrong here?

That doesn’t sound great @jonoc330 :grimacing:

If you have a small reproduction repo we can take a look at, please create an issue over at and give us a link. Or provide clear step-by-step instruction on how we can reproduce on one of our own projects.