Redwood v0.31.0

After removing the div I realized that I forgot to comment out the import. Once I commented out the svg import (and the divs) on both the About and Home page the error went away and the site loaded on localhost.

However, I was still getting all the babel errors after running yarn rw dev. For testing purposes I also tried pushing the updated code to netlify and the build deployed successfully.

Kind of a bummer though because now my site has no logo… :laughing: :grimacing:

@ajcwebdev I was able to locate the source of the error (the SVG import). Is it sufficient enough to leave it here in the forum or should I create an issue on GitHub? I do not want to double up if it is already on RedwoodJS team’s radar.

If you could open an issue and link to this forum post that would probably be best, thanks so much for the assistance!

Done SVGs breaks RW 0.32.1 in Netlify/TailwindCSS deploy · Issue #2472 · redwoodjs/redwood · GitHub

Documentation for webhooks in RedwoodJS introduced in v0.31 is now available.

Common signature verification methods are supported:

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