Redwood Realtime: CLI tools

The docs say:

Lastly, the Redwood CLI has commands to

  • generate a boilerplate implementation and sample code needed to create your custom
    • subscriptions
    • live Queries

Is this true? Forgive my mild retardation, but I can’t find a mention of it anywhere here:

Is this still an experimental feature? (I’m using Redwood 6.6.4).

While we’re at it, I can’t find much on the realtime subject at all. The demos are cool, and code snippets handy for reference - but the docs don’t seem to be anywhere near the standard I’m used after following the tutorial etc.

Hey @voltore, those are still experimental features in v6 but are stable in v7. The RC for v7 is out if you’d like to upgrade and try it out (I’d be very thankful!):

That forum post doesn’t call out realtime explicitly because it’s not a breaking change. We’re working on release notes that highlight all the features.

Were these the docs you were looking for maybe? Realtime | RedwoodJS Docs

Lastly, please try to use more inclusive language—we’re here to learn and help each other!

Hey @dom, appreciate the quick reply.

Great stuff, I’ll check it out. Do you have a rough ETA on the updated docs/release notes (particularly around realtime features), and the final version itself?

Will I have much to change/undo post-upgrade after implementing the experimental realtime features?

Aside: I’m still v new to Redwood but absolutely loving what you’re all doing with this : )

Hi @voltore – the best place to see Realtime in action is

Also, the “canary” version of the Realtime docs can be found here: Realtime | RedwoodJS Docs

This is what is in the v7-rc – which introduces the stream and defer client directives.

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