React Email in script exec throws

Error in script: Unexpected token '<'

Using Rect Email in Redwood.js to send email throws the above error.

Hi. I’m in the process of having some examples and quick starts for Resend and react-email.

This is a preview GitHub - dthyresson/redwoodjs-resend-quick-start: Quick Start documentation for RedwoodJS and Resend

It works well — there is just small edit to your api side tsconfig.json needed here/

When it’s ready it should go up in Resend’s docs.

Also, for v6 we’re planning to have a RedwoodJS mailer that will help with both rendering and sending emails.

Hope this helps.

Hi, Thank you so much! Do you think it is possible to do the same thing in /scripts folder? Changing the tsconfig.json of the scripts folder somehow does not work on my side.

Honestly not sure. But you can simply have an email sending service in api and import that into your script— thus all the email client and template rendering is in the api with those compile options.

We plan to have more examples once the DX and packages get sorted out — and also examples with using a mailer in jobs with Inngest or Defer like GitHub - dthyresson/rw-defer-dx: Defer and RedwoodJS Example App

Did you mean to say v7 or really adding it in a minor v6 (which would be fine, just curious)

Ah yes I should say an upcoming release :slight_smile: