Question from the `Routing Params` portion of the tutorial

The seventh code window from the top of this page that looks like this:

// web/src/cells/BlogPostCell/BlogPostCell.js

export const QUERY = gql`
  query($id: Int!) {
    post(id: $id) {

export const Loading = () => <div>Loading...</div>

export const Empty = () => <div>Empty</div>

export const Failure = ({ error }) => <div>Error: {error.message}</div>

export const Success = ({ post }) => {
  return JSON.stringify(post)

The file path shows // web/src/cells/.....

Should it be // web/src/components/....?

I do not have a cells folder within web/src

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 6.51.55 AM
Or do I have my configuration messed up (which is totally plausible as I am currently debugging a persistent error)???

Hey there, it should be ./web/src/components/, do you think this might have been generated incorrectly?

Thank you for clarifying the correct file path @peterp I was fairly certain that the file path was supposed to be ./web/src/components However, the tutorial specifies the file path as web/src/cells/ I am just going down the list of possible causes for my GraphQL error… Cheers :thinking: :blush:

  • Incorrect file path?
  • Syntax error

Hi @Isaac-Tait here’s a repo of the Tutorial final state for RedwoodJS v0.2.2 Hope it helps you diagnose:

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Yep that was supposed to be /components, not /cells. Just pushed a fix, thanks!

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Thank you @thedavid That will be very helpful. Cheers!

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Wondering how things are going @Isaac-Tait Any positive progress?

Thank you for checking in @thedavid I found the source of the error I kept getting: :partying_face:

[GraphQL error]: Message: Unknown argument "id" on field "posts" of type "Query"., Location: [object Object], Path: undefined

I had a few wrong lines of code in the /web/src/components/BlogPostsCell.js file :grimacing:

Keeping BlogPostCell and BlogPostsCell straight during a late night coding binge was the culprit… I think :woozy_face:

First off, well done :rocket:

And, you know, that one still gets me, too. The methodology makes a ton of sense, but it’s just not as apparent/useable as it could be… or needs to be.

Any ideas? I’ve been continually noodling on this and still don’t have an answer.

Does this section of the Tutorial need updated or something? Everything was going very smoothly for me until I tried this part of the tutorial. Everything seemed to start going wrong starting from the “Using the Param” heading. Trying the stuff suggested there seemed to break the site & was very confusing so I have no clue how to fix it.

I tried using the files from to see the final result but it is broken as well! It just shows the “Something went wrong” box.

I don’t think I did anything wrong…

Are you using the latest Redwood release, 0.3.2?

Try looking for an error message in the terminal window that’s running yarn rw dev, any server-side errors will show there. Errors on the client side will show in the web inspector in your browser. Could you copy/paste any of those you find?

I just started playing around with all this yesterday, so I assume I was using the latest release.

I ended up scrapping the whole project with the intention of starting from scratch again next time I get the chance. I think I will probably skip this part next time because I don’t really care about using and ID number instead of a slug anyway.

I have been mulling over your question @thedavid At first I was thinking that differentiating between singular vs. plural could be done with a case change (e.g. PascalCase vs. camelCase). However, after reading this discussion I am not sure that would be the best path forward…

I do think that as RedwoodJS becomes increasingly popular and more folks are taking a stab at the tutorial my mistake could happen with a certain degree of frequency.

Perhaps for the tutorial the file path should be changed - BlogPostsCell becomes BlogMenuCell or BlogDirectoryCell for example and just leave BlogPostCell alone.

On a side note I deployed my tutorial!
It took me two plus weeks to deploy, not because of the tutorial quality, but because this dadgum quaratine is making my three year old son go stir crazy and consequently me too :crazy_face:

@rob Continuing the thoughts re: Tutorial --> what if we made a change from BlogPostsCell to BlogAllPostsCell… or some addition of a word for any case where the Post vs Posts just gets muddled in a Tutorial format. We wouldn’t want to disturb the overall best practices. But I’d say this is probably 4/5ths of the tutorial issues we have now ('cause most bugs are fixed).

@Isaac-Tait nice work on the deploy :rocket:And fun to see you’re into gravel bikes. Looking at my next build being either Outback steel or maybe even the Outback breakaway!!

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Hmmmmm let me think about some way to clarify…

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Both of those options are very cool - Ritchey makes some great gear. You have a hard decision to make. :thinking: :thought_balloon: :bike: :heart_eyes:

If you are ever in the San Diego area and looking for a fun gravel ride, hit me up :smile:

I need to get on it! I guess there’s no time to build like quarantine time :laughing:

And our very own @rob is in your area. There’s a few of us who have threatened to drop in on him for a mtn bike “retreat”. Maybe this idea needs to turn into an official RedwoodJS Meetup --> offroad style :bike: :trophy: :tada:


Mountain biking you say?? Where are you in SD @Isaac-Tait? I’m in North County, San Marcos. When they built our community the builder had to create trails at the same time so we’ve got some great stuff right out my front door. Here’s one of my favorites:

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This sounds like a superb idea @thedavid :smile:

We are practically neighbors @rob I live on Pendleton :relaxed:

I love San Marcos, quaint downtown, lots of outdoor space, and some epic riding. A month or so back I mountain biked at Rancho La Costa Reserve for the first time. I have done some road/gravel riding in the Elfin Forest too.

Once this quarantine is lifted I will have to check out the trails on your ride - 1,200’ of climbing in 5 miles!? Sign me up! :sweat:

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I’ve got a Specialized Turbo Levo so I’m letting technology do some of the work for me. :wink: I still get a crazy good workout, though. But without the motor I probably wouldn’t bother with that route, it’s all uphill on the way home and I don’t think my lungs would survive!