Prisma Migrate Early Access Program

Prisma just had their first online meetup and Herve Labas made an announcement that I think may be of interest to Redwood users. They are opening an early access program for Prisma Migrate.

We are actively working on Migrate. This is the biggest priority by far of the product and engineering team at the moment, stabilizing Migrate and proposing that as part of the stable product.

The current Migrate has, by design, some limitations when it comes to the way it behaves. We’re taking a different approach at the moment so that we generate imperative migrations based on your schema that you can still customize and then run predictably in production.

We are opening up an early access program so you can subscribe and discuss with the product team and the team who’s building that. Provide feedback, give it a try, see how it works.

Migrate is currently considered experimental and not fit for production. I would imagine this could be a good way for anyone looking to run Redwood in production to beta test their specific use case before Prisma ships Migrate as general availability.

They also have a Notion board.