Prisma Day 2 Recap

Prisma Day 2 was last Thursday (June 25th) and Friday (June 26th). Conferences are always a whirlwind of information, so I thought I’d do a Redwood Recap™ and provide you with a Table of Talks so you can go straight to watching the talk you want.

Redwood Recap

@mojombo gave an awesome talk (and flawless demo): RedwoodJS: Bringing Full-Stack to the Jamstack. It’s amazing how much you can get done with Redwood in < 25 minutes, and the speed of auth is still turning heads:

Soren and Jess also summed it up well in this thread:

Tom also did a Q&A in the chat, answering questions about topics ranging from what Redwood needs from Prisma (spoiler: dynamics providers) to SSG.

It was also really cool to see @danny give a huge shout-out right out of the gate to the Redwood community.

Here’s a few more highlights:

  • If you ever wondered how Jamstack thinks about databases, Mathias Billman’s (CEO @ Netlify) closing talk, The Jamstack and Your Data, was super enlightening. This is a must watch. Probably multiple times.

  • The waterfall problem has been brought up a few times, and Tim Suchanek (Software Engineer @ Prisma) gave an entire talk about How Prisma Solves the N+1 Problem in GraphQL Resolvers.

  • Prisma launched new website that’s going to be a great resource for all-things database: Prisma’s Data Guide. It’ll take you from the fundamentals to a deep-dive on PostgresQL.

Table of Talks