Netlify builds broken after enabling email integration

I deployed a site successfully with Netlify, and everything was working great. I then turned on the Netlify email integration by selecting Integrations > Emails > Enable Emails.
I selected “redeploy” from a previously successfully deployed branch (main) without making any changes to that branch. On the redeploy, I got an error when running yarn rw deploy netlify. See below for more logs.

Confirmed that this is specifically the issue, because I then disabled the email integration, redeployed from the same commit, and it worked fine.

Any ideas? Have you successfully enabled email integration via Netlify for a RedwoodJS project, or have you enabled email integration by some other means?

Help very much appreciated :pray:

Thank you.

6:14:36 PM: ❯ Loading plugins
6:14:36 PM:    - @netlify/plugin-emails@0.0.28 from Netlify app
6:14:37 PM: ​
6:14:37 PM:   1. @netlify/plugin-emails (onPreBuild event)                  
6:14:37 PM: ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────
6:14:37 PM: ​
6:14:37 PM: Installing email function dependencies
6:15:40 PM: npm WARN EBADENGINE Unsupported engine {
6:15:40 PM: npm WARN EBADENGINE   package: 'react-lottie@1.2.3',
6:15:40 PM: npm WARN EBADENGINE   required: { npm: '^3.0.0' },
6:15:40 PM: npm WARN EBADENGINE   current: { node: 'v16.19.0', npm: '8.19.3' }
6:15:40 PM: npm WARN EBADENGINE }
6:15:40 PM: Installed email function dependencies
6:15:40 PM: ​
6:15:40 PM: (@netlify/plugin-emails onPreBuild completed in 1m 2.8s)
6:15:40 PM: ​
6:15:40 PM:   2. build.command from netlify.toml                            
6:15:40 PM: ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────
6:15:40 PM: ​
6:15:40 PM: $ yarn rw deploy netlify
6:15:40 PM: Internal Error: root-workspace-0b6124@workspace:.: This package doesn't seem to be present in your lockfile; run "yarn install" to update the lockfile
    at pQ.getCandidates (/opt/buildhome/.cache/node/corepack/yarn/3.3.0/yarn.js:435:5146)
6:15:40 PM:     at Wf.getCandidates (/opt/buildhome/.cache/node/corepack/yarn/3.3.0/yarn.js:391:1264)
6:15:40 PM:     at /opt/buildhome/.cache/node/corepack/yarn/3.3.0/yarn.js:439:7695
6:15:40 PM:     at Rf (/opt/buildhome/.cache/node/corepack/yarn/3.3.0/yarn.js:390:8965)
6:15:40 PM:     at ge (/opt/buildhome/.cache/node/corepack/yarn/3.3.0/yarn.js:439:7675)
6:15:40 PM:     at async Promise.allSettled (index 0)
6:15:40 PM:     at async eo (/opt/buildhome/.cache/node/corepack/yarn/3.3.0/yarn.js:390:8293)
6:15:40 PM:     at async /opt/buildhome/.cache/node/corepack/yarn/3.3.0/yarn.js:439:8205
6:15:40 PM:     at async ni.startProgressPromise (/opt/buildhome/.cache/node/corepack/yarn/3.3.0/yarn.js:390:45507)
6:15:40 PM:     at async He.resolveEverything (/opt/buildhome/.cache/node/corepack/yarn/3.3.0/yarn.js:439:6238)
6:15:40 PM: ​
6:15:40 PM:   "build.command" failed                                        
6:15:40 PM: ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────
6:15:40 PM: ​