Incremental Static (Re)Generation

After reading Server-Side-Rendering Renaissance I noticed the author remarked on the future of SSR/SSG/CSR, I quote:

And the next trend is going to be Zero-API, with no need for a dedicated application for Web API. This is what Ruby on Rails and Elixir Phoenix are all about. For some reason, this idea didn’t penetrate the JavaScript community. But now it seems that it does, have a look at RedwoodJS and Blitz.js that would like to achieve exactly this.

I was wondering if there are plans to implement ISG? I know we have the ‘prerender’ prop on routes, but I don’t think it catches all use cases.

We’re currently working on adding SSR support. Going from SSR to ISG is mostly just a matter of configuring caching.

Do you have a specific use case in mind that would require ISG? How would you use it?

I’m actually investigating this option instead right now, reading the docs and threads up on prisma/apollo. The initial OP led me down the path of looking into the GitHub issue discussions and the forums here which allowed me to learn about the technologies. Thanks!