How to: Add TailwindCSS to RedwoodJS

Hi folks - I am loving Redwood and wanted to pair it with the productivity of TailwindCSS. I wrote my findings on how to do it here:


Could you investigate on how to make a package for this that handles both installing and configure tailwind for redwood similar to vue-cli and ember addons?

Great call – let me dig in and try

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@mdv_io Keep us posted if you have any questions or need help along the way!!

Thanks for that guide, it worked beautifully.

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It’s not a package but I just followed the steps and created a repo with the default setup.

You could clone it. Do yarn install, and then use it as a base for any project.

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Many thanks for that tuto, worked like a charm and let me on board w/ Tailwind :slight_smile:

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