How is your workflow using redwoodjs?

From feature concept. Feature design.

Then how your workflow usually?
did you start from storybook? or updating schema? then writing test?

I’m just wondering how other people step by step process when develop a feature.

It depends on what I am unsure about.
Sometimes I start with a component and storybook until I know what props it needs.
Sometimes a test and then a function if I am just transforming data.
Quite often I go schema ->SDL->cell->service.
Next thing will start with some tests and scenarios and then the function that passes the tests

Thanks for your answers.
I have some follow up questions if you don’t mind.

Quite often I go schema ->SDL->cell->service.

  1. Do you make custom SDL file and service for other functionaly other than CRUD?
  2. or do you add new functionality on the generated SDL and service CRUD file?

ex: I have building sdl and service.
I want to add search by building name, is it best practice to make builidingExtras.sdl.ts and buildingExtras.ts? or just add on the building.sdl.ts and building.ts?

I think I have mostly added the functionality into the existing SDLs and Services rather than create separate.
So 2, building.ts rather than buildingextras.ts

I see, I think I’m too dependent on the cli generator.

because some days ago I did stupid mistake using
yarn rw g sdl user -f
after updating the User schema. It make my code on user.sdl.ts gone.

Thanks for the reply, I will try not to use the generator using forced option and maybe only use the generator only once at the start of project.

Did you ever watch the Design-driven Full-stack video from @thedavid ?
It’s a workflow that I love and try to use as much I can :

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Last night I found that and this redwoodjs intro

both was awesome, now it was clear how to use redwoodjs.

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Yeah when you use the force command this will happen. I typically only use the generators when creating new models. The generators are not smart enough to auto insert your new fields into the sdl. But if you are using source control you could always just revert the changes in the sdl and service file.


i would go from front to back. start with visuals, wireframs, storyboards…etc go lo-fi, free design kit will distract you…

get a clearer picture on how the app would look, use page generator, plan your pages, identify components, from here we’ll get the idea which will require cells, get everything running with mocks data till the UI feels right. Storybook plays a great role here.

when everything is clear, then i’ll design the schema, define the model, generate all the services. then extend from there… customize however you want it. really love Redwood idea of having a separate workspace between /web and /api :+1:t2:

Ideas will only become clearer as you work towards it ~ Mark Zuckerberg