Hello from Arunoda


I’m Arunoda,

I contributed to some open source projects including, MeteorJS, Storybook & Next.js.
I am following RedwoodJS development for a while & I really like new ideas like Cell + Storybook integration, etc.

I’m just getting-started with Redwood. Not sure how I can help you as of now, but I try to help in one way or another.



Great to see you here in the forums, @arunoda! And looking forward to your Redwood Livestream tomorrow:

For those who don’t know Arunoda, he might be slightly underselling his “contributions to open source projects”. :wink: For example, here’s a screenshot from the Next.js README:


Welcome @arunoda! We are in august company.

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Okay. I went through the tutorial, and I think I made some good progress.

I couldn’t do the authentication part, which I wanted to try out Today. But I’ll do it later.

Here’s a summary:

  • I like how the router works, including page navigation - especially the use to routes.to() feature.
  • Cells are pretty cool for data fetching
  • Scaffolding is nice
  • Things will be harder for someone who never used GraphQL & Prisma earlier. (Maybe find a way to abstract all these initially)
  • Want to know how to use CSS. (Better to add that in the tutorial)

I will post more as I go through RedwoodJS.