Getting errors working with Fauna

Hi Everyone, I followed @ajcwebdev tutorial on Fauna and I recognize that this tutorial was way out of date, but some of the errors and other issues I’ve had to try work around are quite significant and I’m stalled. I would appreciate your assistance.

Firstly here is the original work I based my decisions on:

This is a slice of my project that is having the problems:

Schema on Fauna:


  • I am getting an api | Error: Unknown directive "@relation".
  • api | error GraphQLError [Object]: Syntax Error: Unexpected Name “allArenas”.
  • Function “graphql” was not found.

I’m trying to understand how to avoid the built in Prisma stuff so that I can work with Fauna right? Or whatever people suggest to be able to work with Fauna.

Can anyone help me please to understand the issues, because I’m just not really getting errors that are actionable with my experience?

Okay, so while working through these errors with Roger I found many, many ways in which a developer can go wrong building with this stack.

I’ve created a revised version of the tutorial here that should be considered the only canonical tutorial at this time for Redwood and Fauna integrations.