Generating scaffold, Consistent CreateXInput Type Error

Hello! I can’t tell if this is something I’m doing wrong, or maybe a bug with Redwood or some internal piece. When I generate scaffolding for a new data model, I keep getting Type errors for the generated CreateXInput (X being the name of the model).

import type { CreatePersonInput } from 'types/graphql'  // generated, clearly has a value

  mutation CreatePersonMutation($input: CreatePersonInput!) {  // the type on this line after $input: fails...
    createPerson(input: $input) {

The error reads Unknown type "CreatePersonInput".GraphQL: Validation, however it’s quite clear that the type exists. The error persists even after regenerating types.

Seems to be a consistent error even on different pages when trying to use the Create mutation.

Any ideas? Should I submit a bug report? Duplicate?

I’m running Redwood v3.0.3