Forum Changes: Simplified Categories and new "Contributing"

You may notice the forum categories look a little different. (And you’d be correct!) Based on some recurring feedback and conversation, there are two changes:

1.“Discussions & Questions” Category

I’ve merged three previous categories “Random” + “Discussions” + “Troubleshooting & How To” into this one. All existing topics and comments remain exactly as they were. Hopefully, this will feel simpler for everyone.

2.“Contributing” Category

We noticed conversations about contributing came naturally in the beginning but seemed to lose steam recently. Community contribution is vital to Redwood’s growth and success, so we want to make sure there’s a place for discussion.

And we also want to make sure there’s a place to invite and help anyone who wants become a contributor! Many people have told me their contribution to Redwood was also their first contribution to an open-source project. We :heart: helping people help Redwood. Who wants to be next? :laughing:


We’ll keep iterating and improving based on what you all as a community need. Any immediate :+1: or :-1: about these changes? And anything else you’d suggest we look into doing in the future?