Form's DatetimeLocalField props

DateTime handling is a pain in the neck thing in javascript generally and i like to deal with RW Form components.
Here DatetimeLocalField - seemingly does not present many config/customizations in docs.
Specificly i need to present the date in a different format (due to the region,cognitive ease etc.) and i’ve tried: format=“%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M” as its property which didn’t work.
Please give some clue if it is generally possible to present in custom format or some workaround.
Thank you

Its only about displaying, unfortunately I’m not good at react-hook-form inners. Currently i need it shown as: 31.03.2020 (2020-31-03 is also good)
Please Help formatting a date-time form field (!)

Can you share your current code?

<Form onSubmit={onSubmit} error={props.error}> 
          defaultValue={new Date()} 
          format='%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M'  // the only reply i found pertaining to RW someplace in stackoverflow

and the screenshot it produces:

How we make it e.g.: “dd-mm-yyyy” to be more recognizable for folks in cenral-asia/cis, or any other format possible ?

I think your are running into how HTML5 handles input type=‘date’. This formats based on the browser language. If you need to control it, I believe you will have to use a Text field.

For this purpose i have to content with (temporarily) using third-party lib: GitHub - wojtekmaj/react-datetime-picker: A datetime picker for your React app. although there are many others of this kind that serve the purpose and are rich documented.
But i thought i can do it wirhin what rw has built in